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Davis Blanchard Wind Chimes

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Musically Unique Handmade Wind Chimes-Lifetime Guarantee


Hello! How are you? I am Davis Blanchard. You may have heard of my musical wind chimes in the past as Pipe Songs (1980-1994) and Dream Chimes (1994-2003). As Davis Blanchard Wind Chimes, the first thing I want you to know is that when you deal with me, you are dealing direct with the source. There is no middleman between the product I produce and you. The unique wind chimes you purchase from me are machined, tuned, and assembled by my own hands with joy, and shipped direct from me to you for your own enjoyment.

Click here for proper wind chime design. For a sublime performance of pure pristine melodies, I offer you a unique selection of durable, quality wind chimes pitched to a perfect harmonic tuning system called Just Intonation. I compose creatively with 8 notes spanning nearly 2 octaves with a simple bottom chord and usually melodic pentatonic scales for fully expressive inspirations. As an independent alternative to mass produced imports and knockoffs, these beautifully tuned wind chimes are exceptionally affordable, durable, and handmade for impeccable quality in Houston Texas USA. I engineer them in a sleek attractive design to elicit top musical performance from the wind, and guarantee them unconditionally for life against damage of any kind. If one falls in a storm and breaks, or a string wears out 20 years later, I will repair them for just the cost of return shipping.

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List DateThursday, August-30-2007
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